Oil and Chemical Spill Response Training

About our spill response training

The clean-up of, even small, spills can be very time and resource intensive and often result in business disruption.

In addition to the obvious business costs (lost time, clean-up equipment etc.) hydrocarbon (oil based) or hazardous chemical spills also pose a risk to:

These spills can:

As can be seen the costs, of a spill, can quickly add up without:

CMG Fire and Safety Services offer spill response training programs to suit your needs. Our trainer has been delivering these sessions, along with fire and other emergency related training programs since 2012.

Most industrial and mining sites have an elevated risk of hydrocarbon spills. For that reason the most common choice is the three-hour training course “The Control, Containment and Clean Up of Oil Spills on Land and Coastal Waters”.

Many companies have a broader need and to meet their needs CMG Fire and Safety Services also offer a two-hour combined Oil and Chemical spill response course.

It should be noted that although the principles for clean-up of chemicals and oils are the same, the threats posed may be very different.

Some clients request shorter introductory level sessions and customised training can also be delivered – based on discussions regarding site-specific needs.

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