Emergency Evacuation Training Perth

Our Emergency Evacuation Training in Perth Western Australia is aimed at fulfilling the legal obligation that controller(s) of the workplace have to conduct at least one Emergency Response Exercise in the form of an evacuation of the workplace at least once a year.

This is a requirement of the Western Australian Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 1996.

At CMG Fire & Safety Services, we ensure your evacuation is performed with minimal impact to your business, and compliant with AS3745:2010.

Our Fire Evacuation Training includes:

  • Evacuation scenarios tailored to your workplace
  • The use of props to ensure a ‘real-life’ type simulation
  • Compliance with Australian Standard 3745:2010
  • Managing Mobility Impaired Occupants i.e. Healthcare and Aged Care Facilities
  • A full briefing and debriefing
  • A full written report of the evacuation

How Long Does Emergency Evacuation Training In Perth Take?

The duration of the emergency evacuation training exercise depends on the size of your site, but generally takes about 1.5 hours, including the briefing and de-briefing.

This evacuation training course can be combined with both the Fire Extinguisher Training and Fire Warden courses if required. For further emergency evacuation training information please contact us.

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