Emergency Evacuation Diagrams

Evacuation diagrams for all workplace or activity centres are compulsory under Australian Standard AS 3745-2010 in Perth, Western Australia and all other states and territories of Australia.

As with any standard, these evacuation plans can be confusing and take up your valuable time to implement.

This is where CMG Fire and Safety Services can bring their expertise in emergency evacuation planning to help your organisation achieve legal compliance and relieve your emergency evacuation planning burden.

Why you should choose CMG Fire and Safety Services

CMG Fire and Safety Services creates Evacuation Diagrams for government and private facilities including:

Evacuation diagrams like this one created by CMG in all facilities are mandated in Australian Standard AS3745:2010 and Work Health and Safety Legislation

Replacing Emergency Evacuation Diagrams

It is essential for any organisation, business, or facility to comply with Australian Standard AS 3745-2010: Planning for Emergencies in Facilities. As part of this important standard, updating and replacing evacuation diagrams every five years is recommended. Any changes made to the building’s layout or design or to the Fire Safety and Emergency Management Plan must also be reflected in updated diagrams.

For organisations, this means that:

  • If any structural changes are made to the building, such as additions or removal of walls, then all related evacuation diagrams must be changed accordingly.
  • Any updates or suggestions recommended in a Fire Safety Audit must also be considered when updating the Fire Safety and Emergency Management Plan.

How CMG Fire and Safety Services create your Evacuation Diagrams:

  1.  We will audit your premise to evaluate your requirements, ensuring the Australian Standards and relevant building codes are adhered to.
  2.  Recommend the number of Evacuation Diagrams required and most importantly placement of evacuation diagrams within the buildings and other areas.
  3.  We can customise the display of your evacuation diagram options:
    1. High-quality printing in A2, A3 or A4 size
    2. Laminating or aluminium clip frames to match your building’s décor
    3. Alternatively, we can provide the diagrams in PDF format
  4. We make sure your evacuation diagrams comply with (WHS) Work Health and Safety (General) Regulations 2022 and Australian Standard AS 3745-2010.
  5. Email us your building plan and we can send you an obligation free quote on planning and creating your Evacuation Diagrams.

Emergency Evacuation Diagram Requirements

According to Australian Standards AS 3745-2010, evacuation diagrams are required to include specific information. However, there are both mandatory and optional elements. At a minimum, evacuation diagrams should include the following:

  • A pictorial representation of the floor or area.

  • The title ‘Evacuation Diagram’.

  • The designated exits to the building should be marked in green.

  • Any fire equipment installed in the building.

  • The ‘YOU ARE HERE’.

  • Designated exits.

  • The date of validity.

  • The location of assembly areas.

  • Fire hydrants.

  • A legend should be provided to explain any evacuation diagram symbols.

Optional information for Fire Diagrams

  • First aid kits and defibrillators.
  • North indicator.
  • Emergency information that aligns with your evacuation plan.
  • Spill response kits.
  • Direction of emergency door openings.
  • Electrical switchboards & solar power isolation points.

Emergency Evacuation Diagrams, Planned and Made in Perth:

Special Evacuation Diagram Pricing Offer:

$120.00 per diagram Ex GST

Evacuation Diagram Frames:

$24.95 per A3 Size Aluminium Snap Poster Frame + Screen Protector + Self-Adhesive Tape + Screw Holes.

$21.95 per A4 Size Aluminium Snap Poster Frame + Screen Protector + Self-Adhesive Tape + Screw Holes.

Signs Delivery Perth:

Perth Metro $25.00

Evacuation plans Perth Western Australia

Evacuation diagrams are crucial for fire safety and are mandated by Australian Standards AS 3745-2010 for buildings or facilities. These diagrams indicate the safest exit routes and assembly points for building occupants during emergencies. Additionally, they highlight the location of fire equipment, which can be useful if you are in a safe position to extinguish a fire.

Many people believe that an evacuation diagram must be placed next to every door that serves as an ‘exit’. However, this is not accurate. The Emergency Planning Committee (EPC) determines the locations for the diagrams, which should be installed in appropriate locations where occupants and visitors are able to view the diagram.

When it comes to installing evacuation diagrams, determining their correct orientation can be a challenge. We suggest standing in front of the diagram and finding the “you are here” symbol. Check that the diagram matches your actual location. For instance, if the diagram indicates the kitchen is to your right, and a door is to your left in the “you are here” symbol, and that is what you see when you look around.