Fire Block Plans In Perth

Enhance your facility’s safety and compliance with CMG Fire and Safety’s detailed fire block plans. These critical diagrams allow fire emergency services to effectively manage emergencies by accurately showing the locations and specifics of firefighting systems tailored to your site.

What Are Fire Block Plans?

Fire block plans are detailed diagrams that accurately depict the locations and specifics of firefighting equipment tailored to a particular site. These plans are crucial for fire emergency services as they use them to quickly understand the layout and critical systems within a building or facility, enabling them to formulate effective strategies during emergencies. This precision assists in the swift identification and use of fire equipment, ultimately aiding in better management and control of fire-related incidents.


Ensuring adherence to Australian Standards.


Enhancing on-site safety for building occupants.


Providing clear, detailed emergency information.


Aiding quick response in emergencies.

Fire Block Plans On Offer

Fire Alarm Block Plans

These are installed near Fire Indicator Panels to display the location and zone coverage of fire alarms, which is essential for quick reference during emergencies.

Evacuation Diagrams

Required in all occupied buildings, these evacuation diagrams mark the location of firefighting equipment and exits, ensuring a clear evacuation route.

Hydrant Block Plans

Positioned at key points like the Booster and Pump Room, hydrant block plans detail the locations of hydrants and valves, which are crucial for firefighting operations.

Sprinkler Block Plans

Sprinkler Block Plans are located at control assemblies and outline the layout and critical components of sprinkler systems, aiding in maintenance and emergency actions.

Tactical Fire Plans

Found in Fire Control Rooms, these comprehensive site plans display all fire safety equipment, supporting strategic emergency response.

EWIS Block Plans

Adjacent to Emergency Control Panels, these plans show evacuation zones and emergency communication systems, facilitating effective management during crises.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fire Block plans are strategically placed to be readily accessible and visible in emergencies. Fire Alarm block plans are installed next to the Fire Indicator Panel (FIP). Sprinkler block plans are located near the Sprinkler Control Valve, and Hydrant block plans are adjacent to the Hydrant Booster. These locations ensure emergency responders can quickly find and use these plans to manage fire incidents effectively.

If your premises are equipped with fire detection, hydrant, or sprinkler systems, a block plan is required. These plans are essential for outlining the locations and operations of your fire safety equipment. For specific requirements or further information, it’s recommended that you contact us directly.

Choose CMG Fire and Safety Services for your fire block plans to ensure top-notch safety and compliance. Our plans are meticulously tailored to meet specific site requirements, supporting fire emergency services with clear, accurate diagrams of firefighting systems. CMG stands out for its adherence to Australian Standards, providing reliable, high-quality documentation that enhances emergency response effectiveness and ensures regulatory compliance. Trust us to prioritise your safety with precision and professionalism.