Manual Handling Training Perth

A review of workplace injury statistics shows manual handling task injuries account for the highest costs and the largest proportion of all workers’ compensation costs in Australia.

Manual handling tasks refers to any activity or sequence of activities that requires a person to use their physical body to perform work including manual handling, repetitive actions, adopting awkward or sustained postures and using plant, tools or equipment that exposes the worker to vibration.

All jobs include work that involves performing some form of manual task and employers have a legal responsibility to provide:

  • a workplace where workers are not exposed to hazards as far as practicable;
  • a safe system of work; and
  • information, instruction, training and supervision to workers so they can work in a safe manner.

A comprehensive risk management approach to reduce the risks associated with manual tasks is the foundation for systematically identifying, assessing, controlling and reviewing risks and ensures that the demands of the task do not exceed the physical capabilities of workers performing the job.

CMG Fire and Safety Services offers professional manual handling task risk management services tailored to your organisational requirements to ensure you meet your Western Australian legal requirements.

Manual Handling Task Risk Assessments

This phase identifies manual task hazards in the workplace, assesses the level of risk posed and provides recommendations for effective control strategies to reduce the risk of injury and ensures legislative compliance.  

Manual Task Training

Manual handling task training provides key relevant theoretical and practical elements including but not limited to:

  • legislative requirements and roles and responsibilities of employers and employees;
  • basic function of the spine, body postures, types of muscle work; principles of levers, the relationship between the human body and risk of injury from performing manual tasks;
  • the risk management approach to manual tasks and the application of relevant control strategies
  • principles of safe manual handling;
  • practical manual handling techniques, warm up and stretching exercises;
  • workstation ergonomic set up and training;
  • materials and loads handling;
  • patient manual handling;
  • equipment use and handling;
  • task specific training.

About our Manual Handling Training Consultant

Sarah Tanner is a Registered General Nurse and Occupational Health Nurse with over 30 years of experience in Occupational Health and Safety. Sarah has a passion for injury prevention and has specialised manual handlling task risk management across a wide variety of business activities, including construction, mining, manufacturing, warehouse and transport logistics, the health sector including maternity, children, general and surgical services, mental health and aged care services, the education and training sector. She has Bachelor of Science, OHN Certificate, Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, Level II Manutention Practitioner in Health Care and Loads Handling and Certificate in Office Ergonomics.